I’m convinced that being able to communicate effectively is the single-biggest skill that you can develop to advance your career or business. (No joke: even Warren Buffett knows this.)

Stepping up as a confident speaker will help you tackle everything from sales calls to fundraising pitches, salary negotiations to keynotes at industry conventions. And if you can leverage your ideas on a public platform, you’ll be able to have a GLOBAL impact.

What do you need help with?


  • MEDIA INTERVIEWS (TV, radio, print, podcasts+)

  • SPECIAL EVENTS (wedding vows, eulogies, toasts and more)

  • CAREER SKILLS (job interviews, salary negotiations, networking)

  • SALES, PITCHES & more

Choose your adventure…



Let’s get together…these online COURSES are the best places to get support and build new skills in a safe and fun community.  Dig in, learn new skills and support each other as we learn to kick some serious ass.  COMING SOON.



Need to push your career (or your life) to the next level? Working one-on-one with me is EXACTLY what you need to make progress and see incredible results. I'm here to be your guru-on-demand, ready to help you share your great stories with a bigger, better audience. And be warned: You will be challenged (in a good way)...and you'll love every minute of it. 



Got your big moment on stage coming up, but no idea what to say? Talk to me about how I can help you succeed and bring your ideas to the spotlight:

  • SPEECHWRITING: from expert editing (basic spit-and polish) to a bespoke speech that reflects EXACTLY what you want to share…I’ll help you nail it.

  • PRESENTATIONS: need the visuals too? I can help you set the right tone with slides that enhance your talk (not distract from it)



Kick your team into high gear with a little smart training that's totally painless (I promise). Skills building in public speaking, sales techniques, media training and PR...I'll create workshops specifically for your organization (with a ton of humour and fun included). 


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