Bunny rabbits, nerves and Céline Dion: How to start something big when you’re scared AF

It’s 5 am, a summer morning. And I’m sitting in my pajamas...terrified. 

I’m scared to death because this is the morning when I have to do all the crazy, big, gargantuan things to get my business off the ground. 

(Please don’t laugh if I tell you that my “big things” list includes pressing a “publish” button on my website. Sometimes the smallest step is enough to make me shake like a terrified bunny rabbit.)

And, yes, I know my stage fright is not logical AT ALL. Kabilions of people write and sell and speak and do big things in the world every day (hell, even Pomeranians have their own Instagram feeds). So why do I feel like my knees are knocking and my stomach is doing flipflops? 

The problem is that this day COUNTS. This business counts. This work COUNTS...for me, anyways. And maybe someday for other people too.

So when the stakes are high, I turn to my favourite feisty fighter in a silk ballgown...Ms. Céline Dion. Watch her KILL this version of “All By Myself” at her Hyde Park concert this month, complete with boxing moves and Rocky poses after the climax at the end. 

Seriously, even my 5 am nerves are soothed by warbling along with Céline’s power vocals. One dose of her magic, and I feel like I can put on my own boxing gloves and step into the ring.

Over to you, champ. What’s your biggest fight today? And how are you going to deliver a knockout in the 10th round?