What a pair of old sweatpants taught me about confidence

Seriously, these sweatpants are beyond nothing special. 10+ years old and totally unflattering, with frayed hems with paint splotches on the thighs that I tried to disguise by colouring with a black magic marker. Ugh.

(And don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about...I know you’ve got some stretched-out, faded and please don’t ring the doorbell outfits hiding in your closet, just like me...)

Today I took my ridiculous, paint-stained sweatpants for a trek up a local hill to try to trim off a little of my extra winter flab (earned while eating poutine for two gloriously cheezy months in Montréal).

Every step I took this morning in those dumb pants made my brain yell out, “oh my gawd.

You’re so out of shape.

You look ridiculous.

Just give up already and finish off that bag of potato chips with a binge-session of Vanderpump Rules.

BUT the sweatpants knew better. At the top of the hill, sweating at 7:30 am with a little view of the blue Atlantic Ocean...my brain stopped yelling. And I felt perfectly content.

Confident, even.

If I had listened to that nasty voice in my head, I would have waited until everything was PERFECT.

Waited for a better day. Better weather. And definitely waited for better sweatpants.

The problem? When we wait for everything to be perfect, we stop climbing those hills. We stop showing up. And we’ll miss those 7:30 am glimpses of the chilly Atlantic Ocean.

True confidence shows up when we’re willing to SHOW UP, no matter what we’re wearing.

So celebrate those ugly sweatpants, people, and CLIMB THAT damn HILL (because we have to pay for the poutine somehow).

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