Hi, I’m Cecilia.

And I have a confession to make.  I suck at speaking up.  

It’s true. I’m introverted and shy, and I’ve always hated saying anything in public (especially after a disastrous off-key singing solo with the church choir in grade school). Speaking up was for gutsy folks…not me.

For years, I felt out of my depth. Confidence? Forget it. Like many women, I struggled to find my feet in a complicated world. I hid in the shadows, failed to speak up, and I watched as promotions, raises, and job opportunities slipped by.

After a long time, I learned that speaking up with confidence wasn’t a mysterious talent bestowed only on the lucky. Practice, patience and sweat helped me swallow my nerves, tackle my nausea and step into the spotlight...shaky voice and all.

Fearless? Never.

But forget superhero capes, because I’m far from fearless. Instead, I’ve hustled my scaredy-cat self and built skills as a communications gunslinger and media spokesperson. I’ve worked with great clients, taught workshops coast to coast, and studied social media storytelling while earning a Masters of Journalism degree.

My biggest challenge? A few years ago, I spent 60 days sweating in front of television cameras when my brother was incarcerated in Egypt. Later, I swallowed my stage fright and stepped into the spotlight again, sharing the story of our public campaign in front of a sold-out TEDx audience.


Now, I’m determined to use what I’ve learned to help women tackle the “confidence gap” and step into the life and work they are capable of.

With a mix of pragmatism, humour and smart techniques, I love helping brave women (like you!) kick their stage fright and step into the spotlight.

Why is my approach unique?  

Unlike many coaches, I'm not here to  “tame” the fear out of you and turn you into a robotic, Stepford-Wives speaker. My job is to help you be authentically awesome (even with your jangly nerves) so you can share your best message...all day, every day.

Whether you need a little hand-holding (or a lot!), I’m here to help you make a bigger, bolder impact in the world.