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Radical thought: Public speaking shouldn’t be so (gulp) painful.


Hi, I’m Cecilia.

And yes…I know this sounds a little crazy. Seriously, public speaking has about as much appeal as getting cavities drilled at the dentist.

But I ALSO know that becoming a confident speaker is DO-ABLE for anyone (even if you’re a super-shy introverted gal, like me).



SO I’m on a mission to help world-changing women (like you!) get a little LOUDER…on stage, on camera, and in the spotlight.

WHY? Because stepping up and owning the room can be one of the most effective ways to make a massive impact, build the career or business of your DREAMS. And maybe even change the world.

Honey, this is YOUR TIME. Grab your cape and superhero tights because we are ready to kick some serious butt.

And glass ceilings? Your days are numbered.




I‘m here to help you:


Nail your BIG SPEECH

  • From first draft to the curtain call, we’ll get you the tools and confidence you need to WOW every audience.


Land your DREAM JOB

  • Savvy networking, easy-as-pie job interviews and no-sweat salary negotiations are the tricks you need to build the career of your dreams.

Close every SALE

  • Connect with your clients and learn how to become the new Queen of Closing (and pitching, and networking…). No cheap hustles…just smart communication skills that work every time.



  • TV, radio, podcasts, print…you name it, I’ll help you step up to the mic like a pro. We’ll work together to create a plan that’s PR-ready (soundbites and all).

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